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Posted by gustav at 03:01AM, Tuesday, December 02nd, 2003

The top underreported stories in this election year

What should we think when the major news media outlets seem unencumbered by their supposed role as protectors and watchdogs of the public, and are merely mouthpieces and PR representatives for the interests of the mega-corporations which own them?

There have been many evidently important news stories, some evolving over the past several years, which the big media (ABC, NBC, CNN, and the unabashedly biased FOX and CBS; the New York Times; The Boston Globe; Newsweek; Time...) have covered only lightly, if at all. Most have at least some bearing on all of our day-to-day lives; many should make us wary of how the government operates these days, and how those operations get reported on. All of them deserve more attention.

Ultimately, I'll leave the reader to determine what this says about our current administration and whether the media are fulfilling their mission -- to keep the populace informed about current events and about not only what people in power say, and how much they may claim to love their country, but also about what they actually do.

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