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Posted by rocky at 08:00PM, Friday, November 01st, 2002

Take your bibles and thump them back home

Two words for the out-of-town bible thumpers who have been flooding Massachusetts for the past few years: go away.

As Massachusetts grapples with yesterday's SJC decision to legalize gay marriage, the influx of social reactionaries and their Christian fundamentalist policies will only intensify. Today's Boston Globe reports efforts by Washington-based Christian Coalition, Florida-based Operation Rescue, and Arizona's Alliance Defense Fund. Focus on the Family, a Colorado organization, and the Family Research Council, based in Michigan, are actively encouraging their members to contact Massachusetts legislators.

Undoubtedly we'll be seeing Fred Phelps and his Topeka Baptist Church "God Hates Fags" crew here again.

President Bush chimed in from London. Our governor's Utah residency in the years prior to the election and consequent ineligibility to run was ignored. Unsurprisingly, he failed to put his Mormon beliefs aside when condemning the decision.

Ronald Crews, Georgia native imported to head the so-called Massachusetts Family Institute, spoke on WBUR yesterday morning decrying the "threat" of gay marriage. In spite of his smooth-talking, he could only coherently identify two problems: the decision was made by judges; and it changes the definition of marriage. Yet as Crew's opponent on the show pointed out, countless civil rights decisions have been made by judges rather than legislatures, and barely a century ago, women were the property of their fathers to be given away in marriage to consolidate property deals. Where's this monolithic "marriage" concept he speaks of?

The lack of reasoned arguments is typical, and underscores the fact that all of these people fundamentally dislike homosexuals. Crews instead raised the bogey man of "polyamory" -- marriage between more than two people -- as the next step following gay marriage. He conveniently ignores the fact that -- as Governor Romney would be sure to know -- polygamy has been soundly and repeatedly defeated in the courts.

Republicans have fallen over each other to be first in line to denounce the decision, which conveniently ignores their otherwise-fundamental belief in "states rights". If they truly believed it, they'd be busy amending their own state constitutions (if they haven't already), rather than meddling with ours.

Fundamentally, this is a Massachusetts issue, which will be decided by Massachusetts residents. All you meddling pricks from out west and down south can just get fucked.

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