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Posted by gustav at 07:01AM, Sunday, December 08th, 2002

The News Hour and Gay Marriage

I suppose I should be happy I watched the "News Hour with Jim Lehrer" coverage, and not, say, Fox "News" (not like I watch it, anyway), but still... I have a couple requests of conservatives and fundamentalist christians and catholics.

I know that you've found it useful to appropriate the lexicon of the left (bigotry, religious discrimination, blah blah) whilst turning some of it into epithets (unabashed *liberal*), but please -- if you're going to be a bigot, admit it. This is, after all, the party/political bent/whatever of Trent Lott. We all know that people who hate the idea of gay marriage are apt to look back fondly at racial segregation and lynchings. Claiming that it's religious discrimination when someone says that the pope is an ass because he'd rather blame the problems stemming from his church's antique ideas about sexuality -- priestal chastity and choirboys and -girls and whatnot -- on gays than be open to the idea of committed gay relationships is just stupid. Everyone knows it's manipulative and deceitful. The scumbags in the beerhalls after the game may chortle about it and feel all justly vindicted by his deranged mumblings, but claiming that, when someone gets upset at you for being a bigot, that's discrimination, is just dirty. And you know it.

Second, I hear over and over again that what you want isn't to bar gays from enjoying the rights and privileges of upright breeder-folk like yourselves, but just to ensure the best environment for children and the sanctity of the institution of marriage. Conveniently forgetting that these were the same arguments used back in the day to oppose interracial marriages, and before then to rail against the idea of black people getting married at all, I'll take you at your word (I know this is a boneheaded thing to do. I've yet to meet a republican or a conservative whose word had any value.) You're concerned about the sanctity of marriage. I sincerely hope to hear you object with equal vigor every time one of your colleagues has an affair, or, if unmarried, sleeps with someone. I hope to hear it every time someone you know, or someone you don't know, gets a divorce. It's all the same thing, isn't it? I mean, I hope it is, and that you'll object to every instance equally. Otherwise we might have to accuse you of being a bigoted, lying, hypocritical son-of-a-bitch, sneering and smirking on national TV because you know the words coming out of your mouth are pure bullshit, and you just can't quite believe that people are stupid or frightened enough to swallow them. Mightn't we?

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