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Posted by gustav at 07:01AM, Wednesday, December 04th, 2002

Protesting II

On Saturday, March 30th we joined a mass of about 10,000+ people on the Boston Common to say "Hey, we're pissed off that people are being made to die in our name."

It was a warm but grey day, the sky alternately spitting rain and allowing glimpses of feeble sun. We joined the throngs of people heading from Tremont Street to the far end of the Common, and walked along, enjoying the Spring day, and noting the rather inordinately massive police presence -- paddy wagons, dozens of officers on horseback, and lots on foot, most of them milling about the sides of the protesters, looking bored. There were A Lot of people when we arrived, and after we'd been there for about an hour, most of the Common was so packed with people that it was impossible to see the ground. There were some speakers on the big stage that had been set up, and a couple musicians. We noticed that almost every time one of them started speaking, one of the three black helicopters that were hovering overhead the entire time would come closer to the park and sit there for a while, making a tremendous racket, and drowning out the speaker. We noticed some not-very-well-disguised plain-clothes officers with earpieces milling about the crowd. Everything stayed quite peaceful, and as the group marched around downtown, people leaned out their windows, waving banners or signs, giving thumbs-ups. It really was a huge crowd, though.

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