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Posted by rocky at 09:01AM, Wednesday, October 31st, 2001

google [heart]

A much-maligned reranking by google rockets c75 to the top of the charts

We are currently the masters of "jerking off fun", "fat chicks armor" and "spiderman subtext". Also "great waiters" and "davis square restaurant guide". Who would have guessed?

Last week's google re-rank aimed to refine search results corrupted by deliberate 'googlebombing'. People who make a living trying to manipulate search engine results were aghast, but the reg reports that google stands behind the change.

In most of the self-aggrandizing test cases I list, our results really are more relevant to the keywords than some of the subsequent results -- try "computer science failings", for example. Nothing else seems remotely relevant.

Our sudden success is probably transient, but I think anything to increase the efficiency of google's pigeons is a great idea, and if it allows us to reach a wider audience than just our immediate friends, even better. Here's to hoping the links in this article don't set off some kind of trigger in the ranking algorithms and relegate us back to the land of the 'ooooooooogle.'

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