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Posted by rocky at 02:01AM, Wednesday, October 31st, 2001

An Edward Buk Ulreich biography and timeline presents an ongoing research project into the life of Eduard Buk Ulreich artist, painter, illustrator, and WPA muralist presents an ongoing research project into the life of Eduard Buk Ulreich, (aka Edward Ulreich, Eduoard Ulreich, Edvard Ulreich, Buk Ulreich, Ed Ulreich Buk), artist, painter, illustrator, WPA muralist. There appears to be growing interest in Ulreich's life and career, and we hope to consolidate some of the scattered (and sometimes incorrect) references on the net. Please contact us at with any details you can add, dispute or corroborate. Photographs of work, biographical details, or sale listings are welcome.

Eduard Buk Ulreich biography and timeline

[1889] born, 12 Feb in Guns (Koszeg), Austria-Hungary; at six months old migrates to US (Missouri?) with parents

[1899] Future wife, Nura Woodson, born

[1906] Paints "Indian Attack"; Oil. 14 x 20 in. (collection of Lansdowne, Clarence E., Mr & Mrs, 98 W. Monroe, Pittsburg, Kansas, circa 1975; current owner unknown)

[1912] Paints "Music" 80 x 167 in. (collection of Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts)

[1914] Corresponds with Henry McBride "the dean of American art critics, wrote for The New York Sun (1913-49)" [Henry McBride Papers. Yale Collection of American Literature, Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library.]

[19??] Corresponds with Royal Cortissoz " critic for the New York Tribune (later the New York Herald-Tribune), a position he held for more than fifty years. Cortissoz was a champion of traditional and representational art, and considered modernist art 'sterile.'" [Royal Cortissoz Papers. Yale Collection of American Literature, Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library.]

[1915] New York

[191x] Serves in the US Army

[1923] Returns to New York

[19xx] Marries Nura Woodson

[19??] Paints "Green Pastures"; Gouache on board. 8 x 8 in. (collection of Leslie, John J., II, Mr. & Mrs., 2581 Terraced Hill Court, Sanatoga, Pennsylvania, 1990) [smithsonian survey]

[19??] Attends Kansas City Art Institute for four years

[19??] Attends Pennsylvania Fine Arts Academy where he was awarded scholarships for the full four years of study

[192?] Paints 'Saint George', watercolor/board, 7.5' x 9.5', initialed [tt]

[192?] Paints 'Children Around Giant Snowman' (watercolor on board
13" x 11 1/2", signed lower left) and 'Outdoor Christmas Tree at Night' (watercolor on board
13" x 11 1/2", signed lower left) as covers for Marshall Field's "Fashions of the Hour" [american illustrators gallery]

[1924] Designs murals, Chicago; Exhibits Director's Club, Anderson Galleries and the Dudensing Gallerie

[192?] Exhibits at the Vienna Secession

[192?] Exhibits Paris

[1925] Paints 'Three Graces'; 61x45.7cm Watercolour/paper

[1925] Exhibits Art Institute of Chicago; March 17, to April 24.

[1926] Paints 'Nura', portrait of Nura Woodson Ulreich, Oil on canvas, Paris 8eme Arondissment [c75 research]

[192?] Paints mural at the Ted Shawn Studio on Grand Avenue in Los Angeles. []

[192?] Paints 'Marie'; colored drawing/paper 9" x 9" [tt]

[1930] Illustrates article in April issue of 'The Delineator': 'The Ideal Wife', by William Lyon Phelps [google]

[1931] Illustrates articles in February and March issues of 'The Deliniator': 'The Light Touch' and 'The Face that Launched a Thousand Slips' by Celia Caroline Cole [google]

[19??] Paints Vogue cover [tt]

[1932] Paints Radio City Music Hall murals: "On the third mezzanine level, the men's lounge has a Wild West motif (complete with cowhide chairs), courtesy of Buk Ulreich" []

[1933] Paints murals for Chicago World's Fair

[193?] Paints murals at Woodside Library in Queens, NY. 'painted several panels on the Evolution of the Art of Writing and on the technological advances of printing which make education available for the masses.'

[1937] Featured/Cover artist, PM Magazine. July; Volume 3, issue 11

[1937] Paints 'Pony Express' & 'Stage Coach' oil on canvas for Columbia, MO post office (removed) []

[193?] Paints Concord, North Carolina PO WPA mural (building on National Register of Historic Places) [nrhp]

[1939] Completes WPA mural, 'History of Florida'; Tallahasee courthouse/post office oil on canvas
on the north wall of the main (original postal) lobby, were completed in 1939 and depict the history of Florida. They are entitled 'Five Flags', 'Bimini Island', 'Ponce de Leon', 'Saturiba Receiving the French', 'Drake Attacking St. Augustine', 'Andrew Jackson', 'Osceola in Conference with Hernandez', and 'Modern Florida'.'

[1939-1940] Paints 'Advance Guard of the West' (mural study, New Rockford, North Dakota Post Office)
CA. tempera on fiberboard 25 7/8 x 44 in. (65.7 x 111.8 cm.) Transfer from the U.S. Department of the Interior, National Park Service to []

[1941] Serves in jury Smithsonian Instition Section of Fine Arts art contest panel along with John Marin, Charles Burchfield, and Eliot O'Hara; selects 200 watercolors from 10,000 entries.

[194?] Paints 'Wild Horses', casein/board, 15' x 18', signed

[194?] Paints 'indian rider'

[1941] Illustrates childrens book by by Faith Hill and Mabel F. Rice ; 'Ashkee of Sunshine Water : a Navaho Indian boy' / ; Publisher New York : Grosset & Dunlap, c1941.

[1947] Paints 'Arizona Cowboys'

[19??] Paints 'Incorporated Being'; casein on board; 14" x 17"; signed lower right;

[19??] Paints 'Horses'?; oil on board; 14 x 17"; signed

[1950] ['Arizona Cowboys' aAcquired by Archives of the City of Linz, Austria?]

[19??] Moves to San Francisco

[1950] Nura dies

[1957] Paints 'Stalwart Stallions'

[1959] Issued SSN 555-58-5885

[1966] (July 17) Dies at age of 89 in San Francisco, causes unknown; bur. Golden Gate National Cemetery
San Bruno, San Mateo County, California 07/21/1966 PVT, Plot: 2C 815, (plot unverified) [multiple]


[1983] 'Nura' sells at auction, Portsmouth, NH [c75 research]

[1988] 07/23: "Isaiah" sells at auction; Skinner, Inc., Bolton MA Watercolor with ink on paper, 21 1/8 x 10 1/8 in. (sight), framed. [google?]

[1992] Attributed to buk by Sale of 'Liebespaar auf einem Sofa' ("Pair of lovers on a sofa"); 43x28cm Oil/board and 'Junges Paar am Klavier' ('Young copule at the piano') 43x28cm Oil/board [haven't paid for additional details]

[1995] 'Three Graces' sold at auction

[1996] Mural Studies sold at auction; 16.3x45.7 Watercolour/paper, "c.1915" []

[1997] 'Stalwart Stallions' sold at auction

[1999] 'Marie' sold at auction; Treadway/Toomey

[1999] 'Wild Horses' sold at auciton c.1940 38.1x45.7cm Mixed media/board []

[2000] 'Indian Rider' sold at auction; treadway/toomey; 22.9x33cm Woodcut

[2001] 22 May 'Forest Fantasy' sold at acution "inspired by Serge Prokofieff's Peter and the Wolf" 61x87.4cm Oil/masonite []

[2001] 'Saint George' - listed at auction; unsold; Treadway/Toomey 18.8x23.9 cm [google]

[2001] Vogue Cover - sold at auction, treadway/toomey; 45.7x35.6cm [google]

[2002] 'Nura' - private sale; [c75 research]

[2002] 'Incorporated Being' - sold on Ebay Live Auctions

[2002] 'Horses' - sold on ebay

[2002] 'Abstract with Horses' - offered at auction, Harvey Clars Auction Gallery, Oakland CA (May 5 auction, lot 1356)

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Art Institute of Chicago

Sister? NICHOLS, (MRS. RUTH IDA,20 JUN 1922 - 13 MAY 1981) - GREENVILLE (texas) HERALD BANNER obituary

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