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Posted by gustav at 11:02AM, Wednesday, December 06th, 2006

You all know that Rudy Giuliani has a thing for dressing in drag, right?

I assumed it was common knowledge that Giuliani, Republican front-runner for the 2008 presidential nomination, had a long record of cross-dressing - but I was recently talking to a bunch of people who hadn't heard about this.

So, just for kicks (and the possible education of the voting public), here are some fun links:

Here's a video from 1997, where Giuliani lets slip the truth about his political career:

Another video, this time from 2000, with Donald Trump (?!):

A particularly funny article - don't be fooled!:

Remember folks, just because he's running as a Republican doesn't mean he didn't dress up as a lady while in office. Mmkay?
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