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Posted by aaron at 08:01AM, Saturday, December 03rd, 2005

Seeking classical musicians in Boston

I want to do more chamber music. I want to do musically and technically challenging 20th-Century repertoire. I don't want to do this for weddings or gigs, I want to do it for my technical and musical chops. Is there any interest?

I'm a violinist who's played professionally, and has a couple music degrees. I have no interest whatsoever in playing Mozart. The Ravel quartet? Richard Strauss violin sonata? Great. Schoenberg? Webern? Bartok? Alberto Ginastera? Now we're talking. Ruth Crawford-Seeger? Terry Riley? If you know who these people are, I probably want to play with you. Xenakis? Well, I'd need to get my chops in shape -- which is the whole point.

I'm not hung up on the makeup of an ensemble -- I'm not only considering quartets, for instance. Piano trios? Great. Violin/horn/piano trios? String trios? Percussion ensembles with violin? Yup. A couple folks who want to read through and possibly polish some good new music by young composers? Fine. I'd love to start writing again, too.

I have a decent job at the moment, so I have no interest in doing this for money. I'd be happy to never again play Pachelbel, or Eine kleine Nachtmusik. Yes, I could get paid for performing syrupy arrangements of You Are the Wind Beneath My Wings at weddings -- but then, why go on living?

Are there other people out there who would like to make more amateur (but challenging and rewarding) music-making a regular part of your lives? Drop me a line. My first name at this domain.
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