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Posted by gustav at 05:01AM, Tuesday, November 02nd, 2004

Meme of the Week: No more special rights for heterosexuals

I'm tired of heterosexuals strutting around flaunting their special rights: property inheritance recognized at the federal level, power of attorney when they travel to other states, etc. Enough.

We should all have access to the same rights -- to marry the person we love, regardless of whether heterosexuals make some choice to be attracted to people of the opposite sex; and to have the state recognize our longstanding relationships, in issues of law, property, and child-rearing.

I'm tired of heterosexuals pushing their choice about who to be attracted to in everyone's face. I'm tired of them getting special, preferential treatment when it comes to things like having their spouses automatically qualify for benefits through work, with no questions asked and no wrangling with the legal department; or qualifying for a constitutionally-guaranteed right not to be forced to incriminate their spouses. There should be no more special rights for them, just because of a choice they've made. It's been going on for too long, and it's time they were treated like everyone else.
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