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Posted by aaron at 04:01AM, Monday, November 01st, 2004

DIY Audio - I kind of want to build a tube amp kit from Audio Note

I remember back in the 90s reading an early issue of Listener magazine, in which Art Dudley described building the Audio Note Kit One, and gushed about its single-ended 300B goodness. I've wanted one since then.

I was poking around and finally checked out the Audio Note Kits forum on AudioAsylum, which I'd seen before. Now I'm interested. This sounds fun. The internets yield some additional reviews.

The prices seem reasonable to me -- at least in a world where the cost of some stuff from Naim has nearly doubled in the last ten years. The guys who run the place seem pretty responsive, if their quick email reply to my question was any indication.

Hmm. So tempting...

The only problems are: do I want to blow a wad of cash on a kit? Where the hell would I put it in the apartment? And would I go insane trying to build this? (Whatever virtues it may have, my high school lacked physics teachers who could manage a half-assed job of explaining electronics to me in a sensible manner.) One of these kits would be a pretty advanced electronics project for me. Maybe I can convince my friend Erik to help me out. He's been making noises about wanting to do an electronics project for months now.
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