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Posted by Nobody at 07:00AM, Monday, November 01st, 2004

Bush's new Supreme Court nominee, Samuel Alito, thinks it's A-OK for employers to use racial profiling in hiring

Check out this:

'The majority explained that Alito would have protected racist employers by "immuniz[ing] an employer from the reach of Title VII if the employer's belief that it had selected the `best' candidate was the result of conscious racial bias." [Bray v. Marriott Hotels, 1997]'

So, having racist hiring practices is okay, as long as you actually believe the race you like is the best. Am I getting that right, or am I missing something?

Congressional Democrats: do you want a frame for this nomination? Because I think we've found it. And I know you all don't like the Hitler comparisons, but this one's pretty bloody clear (ethnic cleansing, anyone? Master races, etc. etc.).
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