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Posted by gustav at 01:00AM, Monday, November 01st, 2004


Amidst the swirling mess of rumors, I think: Cheney's taking a fall. Libby, too. Beyond that, it's a lot tougher to say.

The Cheney thing I think seems obvious (of course, I may be proven wrong) simply from watching the administration: they've kept him out of sight since before Katrina. Either he's got some serious health problems, or Rove et al saw what was coming and tried to start building distance. Libby's going to go down with him.

Rove? Hard to imagine him getting a prison term or anything, although that's everyone's fantasy (well, everyone not evil, anyway.) He may have an ace up his sleeve, but I think he'll be tainted by the Plame investigation, too.

Bush? I'm sure every Republican's going to be working overtime to make sure he gets away with a Reagan (Huh? Who's too revealing? Oh, that CIA chick? No, they never told me about that, cross my heart and hope to die! I'm only the President, you know, it's not like I know what's going on.) With approval ratings at 38%, though, I'm not sure this is a feasible strategy. The parallels to the Nixon implosion are shocking, if only because we seem to have traveled back in time 30 years, and learned not a thing.

I still think there's an Ari Fleischer angle here somewhere. Hard to imagine anyone stepping down from a position in this we're-kings-of-the-world administration for "personal reasons," unless those are "personally, Mr. Fleischer, I'd like you to resign so there's as much distance between us as possible in case this ever becomes public knowledge."

We'll see. These are just my thoughts given what I've seen of BushCo's operations.
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