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Posted by aaron at 03:00PM, Sunday, October 31st, 2004


I'm trying to figure out the price of the Linn Chakra 6100 amp

It sounds geeky (and it is), but I was looking through the manual for my Linn LK140, trying to figure out how to change the sensitivity of the signal sensor, and reading about the specs for the protection circuitry, and the environmentally-friendly signal sensor (<5W power consumption in standby, and it turns on within a second of getting a signal from the preamp), etc. It strikes me that this is a pretty neat amp, technologically.

I'm using this along with two of the old LK2 series amps -- big monsters with heat-sinks, that are less powerful, but better current source; they sound a little warmer; they're also less efficient. So I'm wondering whether it would be an upgrade to replace the LK140, and my two other amps, with a new 6100. And I'm also wondering how much one is. No luck finding out so far.
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