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Posted by aaron at 01:01PM, Sunday, October 31st, 2004

Osushi (restaurant review)

10 Huntington Ave (in the Copley Westin complex), Boston, Massachusetts

This was a recommendation from, of all people, the guy who cuts my hair. We had a helpful server with good sake recommendations, and some very nice food. The o toro, naturally, was excellent; good spider rolls, too. Brian remembers the scallops. Everything was very fresh. The maki were enormous.

Service was slow but pleasant, and you have to put up with the ridiculous frat boy crowd. Prices are very expensive (as in, as much as anything in town, including Number 9 Park): we spent about twice as much as we intended, though we got a whole lot of food and a couple of sakes. The best sushi that I've had in Boston (don't pester me with odious comparisons to the mediocre Fugakyu.)
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