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Posted by rocky at 01:01PM, Sunday, October 31st, 2004

Out of the Blue (restaurant review)

382 Highland Ave, Somerville, Massachusetts

After turning down a little two-top that was so close to the entrance that one chair was partway out the door, we were seated at a great little four-seat table by a window. The menu looked fantastic, we both immediately spotted what we wanted to eat, picked out a great-looking bottle of wine, and got ready to drop a C-note on dinner. But trouble loomed when a trio of 50-somethings walked in the door. The waiter who seated us walked over, leaned down and said "Ummm, yeah, could you do us a huge favor? A larger party just came in, and we need this table."

What do you say to something like that? Give a "no" and wait to see if you get any bonus organic material in your meal? I opted for "sure," but as soon as we got up we had second thoughts, and we decided to keep walking right out the door. We walked down the street to Gargoyles and ended up spending $150 instead of $100.

[gustav adds: I'd like to note that, while the Out of the Blue menu did look really pleasant and prices were reasonable, crappy service is a great way to ensure you never get business from customers. If these places can't get their shit together just to seat us, what's going to happen when we try to place an order? The rudeness of asking to re-seat us after we've been served bread and water violates the most fundamental tenets of hosting that a restaurant exists to provide. If your waitstaff can't get this right, you shouldn't be in the restaurant business at all.]

Emphatically not recommended.
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