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Posted by gustav at 12:01PM, Sunday, October 31st, 2004

Bonfire (restaurant review)

50 Park Plaza, Boston, Massachusetts

Bonfire's prices are very high (as you'd expect from someplace in the Park Plaza Hotel), competitive with No. 9 Park. The food is quite good -- a combination of Tapas, which seems to be an infatuation of Todd English's, and very nice beef. Our party included some bona fide steak snobs, who didn't offer to share a single bite. Nice, varied wine list -- we recommend the Cakebread Cab over the Merlot, though -- but bloated wine prices. Rather than returning here, we'd probably just go to Rustic Kitchen instead. That seems to have the same calibre of meat cooking, similar atmosphere, and a great Tapas selection, without the over-the-top prices.

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