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Posted by gustav at 12:01PM, Sunday, October 31st, 2004

Central Kitchen (restaurant review)

567 Mass Ave, Cambridge, Massachusetts (Central Square)

Focus on the "kitchen" part of this restaurant's name and you're in for a treat. Great food, great wine, friendly staff, pleasant atmosphere. If you go in looking for a high-end dining experience, you might focus too much on the shortcomings -- namely service that can make you feel a bit ignored at times. The flip side is that, even on a busy night, we didn't feel rushed at all, which is much too rare in Boston. The overall experience is hard to dislike. Check out the "reserve" wine list if you're into that sort of thing -- there's some totally bitchin stuff on there at non-ridiculous markups (we had this amazing Turley Zin last time, which the wine steward accurately described as a "monster.")

We're looking forward to checking this place out again. Bonus points for being the restaurant where we're most likely to run into people we know.
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