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Posted by rocky at 12:01PM, Sunday, October 31st, 2004

Audubon Circle (restaurant review)

838 Beacon St, Boston, Massachusetts

The clean lines, good drinks, and fun little menu make this a favorite lunch trek from the restuaurant wasteland where I work. Menu faves include the burger, the pressed sandwiches, grilled salad wedges (chunks of lettuce cooked on the grill!) [note: gustav hates these], and any of the appetizers. It looks much like Middlesex Lounge, another project by the same owners, who also own Cambridge One and Miracle of Science.

I highly recommend stopping in for a bite to eat if you're on your way to a Red Sox game at Fenway Park: skip Boston Beerworks and some of the other overpriced hoo-ha near the ballpark.

[gustav writes: No! Red Sox fans, stay away! You'll hate it! It's full of trendy, quiet metrosexuals! There are no beer advertisements on the walls, just clean, discrete polished wood surfaces and sound treatment, and a long, curving, matte black bar. The flat-screen TV is far too small to enjoy the game. It's like the owners wanted people to talk to one another instead, or something. Audubon is quiet and modern and stylish, and not overtly heterosexual. Go the Cheers! or Fanieul Hall instead!]
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