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Posted by gustav at 03:01AM, Wednesday, December 08th, 2004

Cocoa Java frustration and "Could not connect the action" error

I frequently get errors like this:

2005-08-03 15:00:28.675 [project name][10486] Could not connect the action [method name]: to target of class NSObject

when I compile my projects in XCode. The cause may not be what you'd expect.

I was playing around with using a newer version of a jar file for one of the libraries my application uses. I added the new jar to the linked frameworks group, and did a clean all targets, then a build and run, and I got the above error.

I'd seen this before if I tried to include any JCE stuff in my application, so I was initially wondering whether the new version of this jar (it's the Jsch project - jsch-0.1.21.jar) added some weird JCE hoo-hah. It turns out, I'd just forgotten to select "merge" for the jar under the build phases->frameworks & libraries section of the target window (this sticks the jar into the compiled application). Checking the merge option for that jarfile, then cleaning and recompiling again, seems to have fixed the issue.

Not sure why a missing class should cause an error about not being able to connect controls in the NIB file to their actions, but hey. I've stopped trying to figure out computers.
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