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Posted by aaron at 08:01PM, Tuesday, December 07th, 2004

In search of a good camera phone

I want to upgrade my phone. This weekend, I was informed that my phone was bulky and old-fashioned, to which I say "pfft." But I would like something with a camera and all that jazz. I'd hop on the Ericsson t610 bandwagon, if Brian's second one hadn't failed spectacularly (it won't charge, and it screamed when you made a call, back when it still could). What should I get?

Anyone out there with a camera phone you love, or hate? Let me know. I'm leaning towards another Nokia at this point. My carrier's T-Mobile, and I'm not going to change that. I'm not averse to getting an unlocked GSM phone, or unlocking one, since the Nokia selection for T-Mobile is pretty crappy. I am averse to flip phones, since every one I've ever had has died after about 18 months of careful use. I'm 100% averse to LG products, or anything else with crappy usability.

Macintosh bluetooth compatibility would be real nice, as would having a memory card for pictures.

Any ideas? Anyone have something like a Nokia 6230? The 3600-line looks like it does everything I want, but they're expensive, and enormous.


I ended up getting a Nokia 7260. It's not officially sold for the US market, but it's tri-band and works fine with T-mobile in the Northeast (actually, it has spectacularly better reception than my old phone). It's got a respectable camera (see the picture above) - better than Brian's t610 - plus great battery life. It records video, too, which is neat. It's also easier to use than the Ericsson. It's a stick/bar phone, which is what I wanted. It's got no multimedia card, but comes with an adequate amount of memory. It's super small, which is great. It's got a built-in FM radio, which is surprisingly useful, and sounds decent.

No bluetooth, which is the real pisser: for a phone this expensive, it really needs it. I got a USB data cable for it, but iSync on Tiger still won't recognize it. I can use IR to transfer data to other phones, and use the web to get pictures to the computer and all, but it needs to be able to talk to the Mac. It does, however, have a faux-leather case and a built-in European/US shoe size converter, "for the true fashionista." Which, I guess, is cool.
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