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Posted by gustav at 07:01AM, Tuesday, December 07th, 2004

Memes for today

In the wake of today's nightmarish coordinated terrorist bombings in London, here are the things American progressives need to be pointing out. And I don't say these things to be flip; I say them because George Bush and his administration have made the world more dangerous since 9/11, and the U.S. Congress has to do something to fix our counterproductive responses.

First, we need to demand that the administration tell us exactly what it's doing about Osama bin Laden. Saddam Hussein my ass; we went after the wrong guy, which everyone knew all along, and now this is the result of the administration's incompetence and distraction tactics.

Second, we need to point out that the President (you know, the one who never bothered to show up for the war when it was his turn) was full of shit when he said Iraq would be flypaper, drawing terrorists to our armed forces there, and away from civilians at home. This didn't work so well for civilians going about their lives in London. We see the evidence now that this was tragically inappropriate policy.

The events that happened this morning are in no way a vindication of the President's policies. Those are an abomination, and it's time for all Americans to see how inept his foreign policy has been. London, which has had decades of effective training in fighting terrorist attacks, could not prevent attacks by an Al Qaeda that's newly energized by the continuing war in Iraq. Meanwhile, in the U.S., our National Guard troops, who should be guarding the home turf, are overseas fighting in Bush's war for oil, and our Coast Guard is dangerously underfunded. Ridiculous and proven-inneffective airport security isn't enough to make us feel good about our safety.

It's time to vote out congressional Republicans, who obviously don't know what they're doing, and are unable to contain terrorism, as they've told us they could, year after year. After that, it's time to replace the White House leadership, with the next election -- or before, if the Plame affair provides grounds for impeachment.
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