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Posted by gustav at 02:01AM, Sunday, December 05th, 2004

This Week's Meme: Forced Pregnancy

As in, the fascist Republicans currently controlling the U.S. Government envision a world in which women are carriers of spawn, forced breeding machines with fewer rights than the fetuses they carry. Think that's going too far? It's already happening.

This story about a 13-year-old in state custody in (where else) Florida, who's gotten knocked up and wants an abortion, has been making the rounds.

The state claims that the girl is too young to choose whether to have the baby on her own. Never mind that, obviously, they think it takes more maturity to determine whether to have an abortion than it does to raise a child. Never mind that this is the same state that rules that it's better to have foster children go without parents than to let The Gays adopt. Pay attention to this: the state is in control of this kid's womb, in violation of state law. What's a little violation of law when, if you drag your feet long enough, the problem will go away on its own?

Remember who's in charge in Florida, and his relationship to the Presidential Administration.

It's important to spread this meme, I think. It crystallizes the abortion "debate" into something a little more lucid: do you want yourself, or your daughter, or your sister, wife, cousin, friend, whatever, to be forced to carry an unwanted pregnancy to term, by the same religious lunatics who wanted to force Terri Shiavo to be kept alive, against her wishes? Do you want the religious nutcases to have control over your body, and those of all women across the globe? Or do you think freedom means the freedom to do with your own body what you will?

Think about it.
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