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Posted by gustav at 07:01PM, Saturday, December 04th, 2004

You Will Respect Mah Moral Authoritah!

So, the grand ole Catholic Church has chosen Pope Benedict XVI Hitler Youth to succeed John Paul II. I guess when the Church cites its "moral authority" from now on, there will be no room for doubt that they're really talking about the "moral authority" to imprison and execute Jews, homosexuals, gypsies, and other moral deviants.

The alternate explanation, of course, is that the Vatican wanted to choose a new pope who would be more relevant to today's American youth. Clearly, the old one, as an opponent of totalitarianism whether in Germany or the U.S.S.R, didn't cut it when judged on such relevance. Meanwhile, Benedict XVI wants us all the know that the "dictatorship of relativism" is no substitute for the dictatorship of the Führer. Or, you know, a good old South American dictatorship. Either way.

Ladies and gentlement, I present Pope Benedict XVI:
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