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Posted by gustav at 01:00AM, Friday, October 31st, 2003

Do you believe in the transformational power of liberty?

Do you see that beautiful valley of peace spread out below the mighty mountain we've conquered? Are you with us, or with the enemy? Or are you an activist judge?

I have so many questions. Like, can you trust a man who's capable of changing his mind? Can you trust someone who can't stand firm, but instead changes his mind in the face of the truth? And we're not talking the Lord's Truth here; we're just talkin pesky facts.

Transformationally speaking, I dunno if as I can trust someone who only uses words that come outta a dictionary. Kinda makes me angstious, if you know what I mean, an I think you do. We know that the enemy hates freedom -- that's why they fight against it everywhere. That's why it's so important to defend the Patriot Act from activist judges who hate the important tradition of traditional marriage -- because if you don't have freedom at home, that's one less target for the enemy to target. An I know the enemy doesn't like education, because education means freedom. Look what education did for me an my girls. But if you go about using ten-dollar words, that just makes you look like another educated target for the enemy.

In summaration, it's important to stay the course. Don't swap horses in mid-stream, even if the tide is rising. The tide is high, but I'm holding on, and I'm gonna be your number one, because you can trust me to stay the course, to not send mixed signals. And remember: the enemy doesn't set American policy, America does, so don't tell me I'm doing what the enemy wants. Because he hates freedom. They used to cut people's hands off in Iraq. Now they're just choppin heads, and we got a saying about that in Texas. In Kennebunkport, we used to say "You can't get there from here." But we did. We got here from there, from Iraq to Afghanistan. I mean the other way around. And my opponent will try to tell you I can't make it, but we did. We missioned our accomplish. I saw it on TV. Anyway. And Saddam -- I mean Barak Obama -- I mean Osama -- I mean...

God bless the shining city on the hill of the mountain, and our peaceful valley below. Good night, and good night.
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