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Posted by gustav at 11:01PM, Tuesday, December 09th, 2003

Memo to the press: Bush's Flip Flops are real, not Kerry's

In the light of the recent big news that Kerry's flip-flops are a right-wing fabrication (, here's my own tribute to Dear Leader.

A handful of the many, many Bush flip flops:

The list goes on and on. The problem is, you pretty soon get into territory where you're no longer merely discussing the times Bush has tried to say he's on a different side of the fence than he claimed to be on previously. In actually looking at his record -- at all -- you're quickly confronted with the staggering hypocrisy of the man's political persona (I'm still not convinced any of his platforms or views actually have to do with Bush himself, as opposed to his carefully Rove-scripted public image). But I guess that's no fun for ABC, the NY Times, etc., who'd have to acknowledge their own little hypocrisies, in, say, reporting on Lewinskygate vs. the Iraq war.
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