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Posted by Brian at 02:00AM, Saturday, December 06th, 2003

We're married!

People keep asking me how it feels: it's exactly like before being married, with the added bonus of having stood up before my friends and family on a beautiful day to tell them how much my husband and I love each other, and then having celebrated the event with them. In a word, awesome.

There are other little bonuses as well: we can now make important decisions for each other, at least in Massachusetts; we've shared an historic moment for our generation; we've received good wishes from thousands of people all over the world who have read our story; and everything, for an entire week from Sunday to Sunday, progressed in a wave of magical synchronicity.

So even as Aaron and I have both returned to a more-dreary world of work, bills, a dead computer, laundry, doing dishes, and demanding pets, I feel like we can snuggle a little closer at night and be a tiny bit more at ease.

Stay tuned for pictures of our beautiful ceremony -- they'll follow as soon as we ressurect our server.
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