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Posted by gustav at 03:00AM, Wednesday, December 03rd, 2003

Kerry has stabbed us all in the heart

It's impossible to tell what his personal feelings on the matter may be, because his official opinion shifts with the polls, but I think his support for an anti-gay amendment to the Mass. Constitution will open a lot of eyes on the true left.

I am so tired of being spat on by people who count on my vote. I'm a Democrat for many reasons, but, overall, because that seems to be the party most consistent with my ideals of letting other people live without interference from you as long as they aren't stepping on you -- building machines that block out the sun with smog, defining what rights you have in your bedroom, etc. (And notice I say people, not corporations.) The problem is that the current Washington leadership of the party is lost. I don't think it's coincidental that, once Dean is firmly out of the race, the things he championed -- including gay rights, which gave him much of his initial support -- start to get ignored because he's not around to keep them in the other candidate's faces. We had Edwards and his "I'm done with that question" comment about gay marriage; now we have Kerry supporting an anti-gay-marriage amendment in his home state, even while he criticizes Bush for wanting to do the same with the U.S. Constitution.

A lot of us Mass. residents who had counted on Senator Kerry to bring our voices to Washington in the vote on the now-failed Iraq war felt betrayed when, after giving lip service to standing up to it for so long, he flipped and voted for the war. That was nothing compared to this. Kerry has claimed for a long time to be a gay rights supporter, even while denouncing us as not worthy of the same rights he enjoys. Now, he's betrayed us all.

When you're in politics, speculation about your personal beliefs and true feelings is irrelevant. What matters is your official position. Kerry's is now that of a bigot. He'll have to try a lot harder if he wants my vote, or that of anyone on the true left. I'm sick to death (many gays, lesbians, and transgendered people are, literally, in this country) of being the last refuge for bigots, bullies, and anyone interested in denying others freedoms and rights. If anyone expects me to vote for Kerry -- or anyone else who would write antigay discrimination into any constitution -- then be surprised. I'm not going to take it any more. Apparently, the Democratic establishment was too stupid to see the writing on the wall in 2000, and the price they paid for abandoning the left was the presidential election. I wouldn't vote for an "alternative" candidate simply to send them another message. Unfortunately, I also cannot vote for someone who puts discrimination into law. I couldn't bring myself to vote for Clinton in '96, just after he signed DOMA. I can't vote for Kerry now. I just can't. It's clear that no one else will stick up for us -- us as gays, us as the poor, us meaning anyone disadvantaged and only offered representation out of pity or fake compassion. Politics slides quietly into fascism in this country, and what the media paints as the left is no longer any such thing. I have to speak with my vote, and hope that someone starts listening before it's too late.
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