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Posted by gustav at 07:01AM, Tuesday, December 02nd, 2003

A Different World

It's 4:50 PM. I'm sitting on my friend's patio in Tucson, copying pictures to the laptop from my flash card. There's a faint, summery smell of barbecue in the air; I can hear birds flitting about chirping, cars driving by, a chainsaw in the distance... And I wonder again: why is it that people think it's worth living in the northeast?

I think I'm going to move back here. This is the most fabulous hippie town. There are things here I'd never find in Boston; most important among these is a sense of serenity. It's hard to get too upset about little things when you can look through a gap between houses and see the Catalina Mountains catching the afternoon sun, and look around at the ocotillo and prickly pear in the yard. People are friendly. Traffic is worse than it was, but in an entirely separate league from the Boston hell-traffic. There are things that you can get in Boston that you probably couldn't find here, but the reverse is also true, and what there is to find just feels so much more accessible. I love it.
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